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Heroes never die T-Shirt

No Mercy, no heal.

Heroes never die T-Shirt

No Mercy, no heal.

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Descrizione: Heroes never die T-Shirt

La descrizione di questo prodotto è disponibile solo in inglese. Stiamo lavorando alla traduzione, ci scusiamo per l'inconveniente.
For every graceful hero, there is nothing worse than pushing up the daisies. You have trained so hard, you have perfectly distributed your skill points and spared no effort in combat. Yet, what is the result? It was all over in a matter of minutes! Sigh ... the flawless face of your hero is soiled.

WRRRRUUUUMMM! Hmm, what the ... ? Suddenly everything is shining bright, your living power is returning and you're feeling young and refreshed! Who was that ...? Look around you, the healer saved your life!

Of course, there are many ways to say "thank you": one way is getting down on your knees and recompensing the resurrection with plenty of gold; sometimes, though, just a little gesture is enough. Like this Heroes Never Die shirt – a great way to pay tribute to your saviour.

The crossover shirt with Mercy and Link details well who needs to be in charge during the fight. It's not necessary to always have a classic fairy by your side to fill your empty hearts and energy – a supporting character like Mercy is always on hand to give you a second (or third, fourth, fifth ...) chance to successfully complete your fight since there's only one thing that's always important: heroes never die!

And in the evening, when you're enjoying your well-deserved grog as reward, you should also pay your guy in the white hat. After all, you wouldn't be here without him ...

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