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I'll stop wearing black T-Shirt

For nerds, there's only one true colour!

I'll stop wearing black T-Shirt

For nerds, there's only one true colour!

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La descrizione di questo prodotto è disponibile solo in inglese. Stiamo lavorando alla traduzione, ci scusiamo per l'inconveniente.
The closet of a nerd is truly a dark place to be in. Not because of potential clutter, but rather because nerds prefer one colour in particular: black! Usually in the form of t-shirts with nerdy jokes or pop cultural references on them.

Just like the "I'll stop wearing black" T-Shirt! As it clearly states, the wearer will start wearing different colours as soon as a colour darker than black is invented. After all, black can be worn with any other colour (more black, for example) and spilled drinks and other stains won't show as quickly as on other colours.

And before the colour police (aka physicists) start to tell us that black isn't a colour at all: We are aware of the fact that our t-shirts are not 100% black, but rather a really really dark grey. But colloquially, you're also allowed to call a tomato a vegetable instead of a fruit, right? So cut us some slack. ;)

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