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Star Wars, Star Trek, Firefly, Alien . .. these are great movies, aren't they? And we guess you've got one or another friend who's really enthusiastic about this stuff? So no matter whether it's his or her birthday or Christmas, you will find the perfect gift for any Science Fiction fan here!

Science Fiction fans are some of the most passionate people on the planet! With obsessions on a variety of Sci-Fi films and TV shows including; Star Wars, Star-Trek and Dr. Who to name a few! Most Sci-Fi fans will have his or her favourite brand, which makes most geeky Sci-Fi fans easy to buy for. We are all about providing gifts for Sci-Fi fans, so you will find nerdy items such as Darth Vader Bathrobes, Star Trek Enterprise Pizza Cutters and even Doctor Whos famous Sonic Screwdriver! (Though please note, this particular screwdriver isn't great for lock-picking and amplifying sound-waves in space etc).