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We all know that one person who rushes into the office a few minutes late everyday, armed with an excuse such as; ?My alarm didn?t go off?, or ?I couldn?t find my shoes?. Well, these are called the late-risers! The late-risers are usually fun and slightly crazy people, so we put up with their disregard for punctuation.
They require special alarm clocks, either funny or either very mean ones to wake them up. Find the perfect gift for your favourite late riser in this category - and maybe he will turn into a morning person ;)
If you want to poke fun at the sleepyhead in your life this year, then we have plenty of gifts for late-risers on our website! What about the geeky R2D2 Star Wars Alarm Clock? It will wake up your late-riser with the classic R2D2 sounds and will also project the time on the wall! With R2-D2 on the case, they?ll surely be no more excuses for lateness!