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Gli Hexbugs sono piccoli robot con diverse abilità.

  • Questi robottini per la scrivania hanno diverse abilità.
  • Ognuno si muove per la stanza sulle sue piccole gambe e reagisce a modo suo all'ambiente.


Gli Hexbugs sono piccoli robot con diverse abilità.

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Descrizione: Hexbug

  • Questi robottini per la scrivania hanno diverse abilità.
  • Ognuno si muove per la stanza sulle sue piccole gambe e reagisce a modo suo all'ambiente.

La descrizione di questo prodotto è disponibile solo in inglese. Stiamo lavorando alla traduzione, ci scusiamo per l'inconveniente.
If you like to bring creepy-crawly insects into your house, then we think you're weird! Well, unless they're Hexbugs, of course! The fantastic little, lively, whirring, intelligent Hexbugs!

Not an insect fan? Even if you're one of those who usually prefers to come into contact with them when they're getting sucked up by the vacuum cleaner, swatted by the fly swatter, or sprayed with bug spray, you'll still love the Hexbugs!

Hexbugs are little robots - smart and insectoid robots in different colours and with different behaviours. Every Hexbug type interacts in a different way with the environment, so they always throw up little surprises as they handle obstacles in their individual ways.

  • The Hexbug Beetle moves forward until he comes to an obstacle. He detects this with his two antennae and then changes his direction. Additionally, you can tell him to change direction by clapping your hands. Hexbug Beetle is about 3cm high.
  • The Hexbug Nano is our smallest robot bug. Just 4.5cm long, he's only half the length of his bigger brothers. He scurries around by vibrating his legs which are made out of flexible vulcanized rubber, and when he hits an obstacle, he changes direction and carries on and on. The Hexbug Nano is 1.5cm high.
  • The Hexbug Spider is the titan of these lovable and clever robots. At 7cm in height and 11cm in width, this monstrous, six-legged spider is controllable with a two-channel remote control. A one-directional switch is used to move forward and back, while a second one rotates the spider head to determine direction.
  • Hexbug Scarab works similarly. This six-legged beetle flits around with its twitching limbs at breakneck speed, changing direction rapidly when it hits an obstacle. And if he gets himself turned over, he can even right himself (after some hard work!).
  • Hexbug Larva, poor little thing, is perhaps the least loved of the Hexbug family. In the form of a larva, he crawls around the floor with his amazingly realistic tail wobbling back and forth. A sensor allows the cute creature to change direction once an object appears in his field of vision.
  • The Hexbug Wasp glides with special grace over the floor while it shakes its abdomen - a sight that strongly resembles its animal counterpart. But other than with a real wasp, you will always be in control of this little robot and need not fear any inconvenient sting!
  • The Hexbug Scorpion with its bouncing tail and vicious claws is almost a bit too realistic. When it hits a wall, it will ricochet off and rapidly scuttle away. But unlike its real-life counterpart it does not sting and is also not venomous. ;)

Of course, Hexbugs crawling around in the big wide world are fun. You know what we mean... Just occasionally you lose sight of one or other, and they just happen to scare the cat or give your grandmother a shock!

The Hexbugs are shipped in different colours (more pictures). Unfortunately our shipping system doesn't allow you to choose the product colours. Thus, you get your Hexbug in a random colour.

Dettagli tecnici
  • Alimentazione: batteria
  • Batterie richieste: AG13 (già incluse)
  • Attenzione: Non adatto a bambini sotto i 36 mesi.