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Occhiali 2D

Con questi occhiali, puoi guardare i film in 3D senza farti venire il mal di testa.

  • Con questi occhiali, puoi guardare i film in 3D in full 2D.

Occhiali 2D

Con questi occhiali, puoi guardare i film in 3D senza farti venire il mal di testa.

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Descrizione: Occhiali 2D

  • Con questi occhiali, puoi guardare i film in 3D in full 2D.

La descrizione di questo prodotto è disponibile solo in inglese. Stiamo lavorando alla traduzione, ci scusiamo per l'inconveniente.
Despite the fact that around one in ten people suffer from headaches and nausea when watching 3D movies, the cinemas are packed with a new 3D movie every week. Sometimes, it can be really hard to find the sci-fi or action movie you want to see in 2D! Of course, no problemo for those who can enjoy the 3-dimensional entertainment, but if you're a member of the 3D sufferers club, no sci-fi or action movie for you! You have to say 'hasta la vista' to your friends and stay in to watch that awful Arnold Schwarzenegger on TV... again! Or, perhaps you could take some aspirin and a sick bag to the movie theatre... or cover one eye during the whole show...? And all for a premium price!

But now you can tell your friends 'I'll be back' because there IS a solution and it's ingenious: Just put on the 2D Glasses and enjoy the pictures as they're meant to be. These glasses convert the 3D images back to 2D, so you'll be able to enjoy them as they're 'meant to be'!

How does this work?*

* Warning: brain-aching technical information follows:

When you watch a 3D movie, there are actually two images being projected onto the screen. That's why the screen is blurry when you look at it without glasses. In the 3D glasses, one of the lenses blocks one image and the other lens blocks the other image. So, when you watch a 3D movie each of your eyes is seeing a slightly different image. Your brain combines those images together, creating the illusion of a 3D image.

2D Glasses block the same image with both lenses, so each eye gets the same picture resulting in a 2D image and an elimination of eyeball strain. Ta-daa!

With the 2D Glasses, you will never have to miss a 3D movie again because you might get sick during (or even of) it! But does that mean you'll be exempt from the 3D premium price? Well, that's something you'll have to discuss with your good ol' cinema operator ;).

Whether 3D makes you feel bad in the cinema, or whether you actually prefer your movies in good ol' 2D, then these 2D Glasses are just the (cinema) ticket for you!

Dettagli tecnici
  • Materiale: plastica, lenti polarizzate al 99,9%
  • Peso: 24 g
  • Dimensioni: lunghezza della testa: 165 mm, larghezza: 155 mm, lente (diagonale): 50 mm
  • Funzionalità: conver i film in 3D in 2D (tranne IMAX e alcuni sistemi di home cinema)